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The WoollyWormit
  • The WoollyWormit

    SKU: 752830968363
    • Wheel cleaning re-imagined ... Once Again! The multi-patented WoollyWormit® Wheel Brush is effectively a 13-inch long semi-rigid and flexible brush wrapped entirely in a soft Chenille microfiber cover, with a handy integrated lug nut cleaner. Unlike any other wheel brush, our brush has many patented features. The 2.0 Version includes the ability to attach the included handle if desired ... or not. Version 2.0 is re-engineered with an attachable handle that extends the reach by 4.3 inches (11cm). Depending on your wheels and cleaning methods, the handle accessory may or may not be needed for your specific scenario and preferences. Many users like that there is not a dedicated handle to get in the way of cleaning around the wheels. And, without a handle, there are no hard surfaces that would make contact with the wheel. You can grab and hold the brush body anywhere along its length. However, if you need more reach, with a Philips Head screwdriver, simply attach the included handle and you're ready to go. This attachable handle allows for even greater flexibility on how and where you can clean. (NOTE: the original brush, which was shipped prior to January 1, 2021, is not compatible with the new handle. Therefore, handles are not available for purchase separately.)


    • Flexible, safe and effective. Unlike most brushes that have a foam body with a metal or plastic spine, or have an exposed twisted metal wire core, the WoollyWormit wheel brush is constructed of a flexible rubber-like material with a fully concealed internal metal spine. The brush's patented construction and design allows the brush body to bend, yet be rigid enough to maintain the desired shape needed for reaching deep into the wheels' barrels. And at the same time, the brush does not hold excessive amounts of heavy water like a large brush with a foam core would. Unlike many brushes, this tool has no exposed twisted metal spine that makes contact with or scratches the vehicle surfaces.


    • Clean it like you mean it. The brush length and width is such that it can fit most wheels, between/through most spokes and reach clear across the inside of the inner wheel barrel ... without having to reach your hand inside of wheel and scratch or crack your knuckles. The compressed thickness of the tapered brush tip starts at about 1 in. (2.54 cm) and increases to 1.2 in. (2.8 cm) along the body. This design allows the brush to fit in and clean behind the spokes of most wheels, between the outer edge of the brake rotor and inner wheel barrel, tiny spaces, corners and indentations, and in some cases fitting between the brake caliper housing and the back of spokes. (Note: You'll need at least a 1 in. (2.54 cm) gap for the brush tip to fit between different parts.)


    • Better tools = Better Cleaning. What used to be the worst part to clean is now the easiest. Do you hate cleaning around the lug nuts? The integrated lug nut cleaner is designed to easily clean the the lug nuts surfaces and the hard-to-reach wheel cavities surrounding the lug nuts. The lug nut cleaner is constructed of a flexible, but semi-rigid plastic material (red) that supports the proprietary cleaning sponge. This sponge material was designed specifically for the WoollyWormit wheel brush so that it is tough enough to clean road grime and brake dust, but gentle enough to be safe on rim coatings and painted factory surfaces.


    • Versatility and Adaptability. The WoollyWormit wheel brush can be used to clean more than the wheels. For example, the brush is great for cleaning inside the hard-to-reach openings in many front grills, in and around the muffler tips, spaces around aftermarket auto accessories, etc. And, for the interior of the car, select a different color Chenille microfiber cover and use the brush dry or damp for dusting the dashboard, seats, rear deck, etc. It's especially great for getting into those tight corners where the dashboard and windshield meet and dust, bugs, hair, coins, etc., collect.


    • The cleaning sponges are removable and replaceable. So no need to buy a whole new brush - just order the sponges as needed.


    • The cover is designed to be removable for cleaning in the washing machine (gentle cycle), and to change out when different types of cleaning is needed. Different covers can be for used for different purposes – for example, a black cover is great for the dirty wheels and engine compartment, a grey cover for cleaning other parts of the exterior, and the purple cover for dusting the interior.


    • The heavy Chenille microfiber cleaning cover holds plenty of water and suds for optimal cleaning. There are 2 pull loops to assist with pulling the cover on, and to hang the brush for storage and drying.
    • 7 Reasons To Get Excited About The WoollyWormit

      1. The Integrated Lug Nut Cleaner Cleans Your Lug Nuts Easier Than Ever

      • Most people hate cleaning their lug nuts and that space around them. It’s a hard, tedious and thankless job. Yet, for us “clean freaks”, it must be done. Until now, we used old tooth brushes, cotton swabs, makeup brushes, etc., to get rid of that dirt and grime that collects in these areas. Well, now you can throw all those old things away – we crafted your solution! The patented WoollyWormit Wheel Brush is engineered with a special integrated and convenient lug nut cleaner that not only works great, it saves time and effort cleaning one of the most difficult areas of the rims. It’s fast, it’s easy and you’ll love it!

        After following the instructions setting up your WoollyWormit Wheel Brush to fit your specific lug nuts, lets, get started.

        After determining which lug nut cleaner fits your wheels best and placing it onto the brush body, pick a lug nut to start. Insert the lug nut cleaner over the first lug nut and rotate back and forth about 180 degrees a couple times until clean, and then move on to the next one. When finished with all the lug nuts, simply pull off the lug nut cleaner from the brush body, and place aside or into the bucket until you start on the next wheel.

        For those rims with fully concealed center hubs, where there are no visible lug nuts at all, the lug nut cleaner wouldn’t be used. And for those rims that have lug nuts with decorative plastic caps over the individual lug nuts (like found on many Volvo, Audi and Volkswagen models), there is often not enough room between this lug nut cap and the rim cavity wall, and therefore the lug nut cleaner will not fit properly and should not be used. However, the brush is still great for cleaning the rest of the rims.

        In some cases where the lug nut cleaner is hard to rotate because the lug nut cavity around the lug nut is not perfectly round, or a center decorative plastic hub cap prevents easy rotation, you can insert the lug nut cleaner/sponge onto and off of the lug nut a few times without rotating, and this can be effective, too.

        In the unlikely event that neither of the two WoollyWormit lug nut cleaners fit your lug nuts, don’t force the cleaning sponges in the overly tight space or they will tear. Our goal was to design a product that works on as many lug nut scenarios as possible, but we understand there may be limited situations where the lug nut cleaners simply may not fit, unfortunately. However, the good news is that the WoollyWormit brush body is great for cleaning the rest of the rims – inside and out!

      2. Reach Deep Into The Inner Wheel Barrel

      • Why have nice and sporty open and deep rims if you are not going to keep them looking great? The extra-long Chenille microfiber brush body reaches where many other brushes cannot. Clean the inner rim by inserting the brush body deep inside the rim between the spokes and move the brush back and forth against the inner rim like a windshield wiper (assuming there is space to do so). Work your way around the rim clockwise between each spoke, being sure to overlap those areas behind the spokes with the back and forth motion - so you get the complete inner circumference clean.

        The WoollyWormit makes good-looking rims look great!

      3. Clean Behind The Spokes

      • Never thought about this before? Well, most people don’t. We've all heard as a kid, "Clean behind your ears"? Well, it's the same thing - sort of. That is, even if the area isn't visible, it's important to keep it clean - because the dirt that collects behind the spokes, and there's a lot of it, eventually ends up down on the inner barrel where it is seen. Additionally, when you clean behind the spokes and move the brush to where the base of the spoke and barrel meet, you'll be cleaning that area of the barrel that's harder to reach when simply wiping the inner barrel with a back and forth motion. So, if you are like us and really obsessed with having clean wheels, and have a burning desire to clean the backside of each spoke once in awhile, now you can do it! One of the brush's coolest features is the unique bendable backbone structure. Simply bend the brush as needed and reach back behind the spokes to clean. No one else may notice your rims are clean behind the spokes, but you will know it! (NOTE: Please see Specifications or Features and Benefits for brush dimensions and minimum opening sizes required for brush to fit.)

      4. Clean All Those Annoying Skinny Spokes or Turbine Blade Wheels

      • Do you have lots of spokes? If so, you know what that means and how much time it takes to clean between each of them. What a BIG PAIN this is - so it's often ignored. But now, no problem – we make it easier for you! The WoollyWormit Wheel Brush has a long and tapered body that makes cleaning between the sides of spokes fast and easy – especially when there’s lots of them! The brush body has a narrow profile that allows it to fit in between most spokes, and/or inside most small openings for a complete cleaning operation. Note: The compressed thickness of the tapered brush tip (with microfiber cover attached) is approximately 1 in. (2.54 cm) and increases to approximately 1.2 in. (3.1 cm), along the rest of the brush body. Therefore, if the spacing between your spokes is less than 1.2 inches, the brush may not work for your wheels.

      5. Clean The Corners, Crevices & Tight Spaces

      • Do you have complex design Wheels? Let us help you save time with those. Wheel designs have become quite complex. These look great … when clean. However, keeping them clean can take forever. We took this challenge and designed the WoollyWormit Wheel Brush to make your life easier (well, at least this part of your life). Using the tapered brush tip, now you can scrub tight corners, indentations, grooves and cut-outs with ease. Cleaning these complex wheels is not fun, but they make any vehicle look great when clean.

      6. Cleans The Rim Face Fast And Easy

      • We all love making the face of the rim shine bright. That’s the part we all see – that’s the part from which we feel the most gratification as we step back from the car and admire a job well done. The WoollyWormit makes this process super fast and easy - and does so with little effort. With the long, wide thick Chenille microfiber-covered brush pampering the face of rim, the WoollyWormit makes your rims shine with ease. Additionally, the WoollyWormit Wash Mitt With Thumb is the perfect mate for cleaning the face of the wheels!

      7. Features Replaceable & Washable WoollyWormit Covers and Cleaning Sponges

      • Once you’ve finished cleaning, simply remove the cover from the brush body, rinse out and hang dry using one of the convenient pull/hang loops. Additionally, feel free to occasionally put the cover in your washing machine and give it a good bath (without bleach). (However, do NOT dry the cover in the clothes dryer – as the material is not designed for this type of drying.)

        And better yet, additional covers can be purchased and used for different purposes (additional covers sold separately). For example, use one cover for cleaning the dirty wheels and engine compartment, another for the car body, and keep a clean, dry cover around for dusting the dashboard and those hard-to-reach corners at the windshield, as well as rear window deck, leather seats, etc.

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