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Auto Fanatic Ultimate Secret Weapon Single Step
  • Auto Fanatic Ultimate Secret Weapon Single Step

    The Auto Fanatic Ultimate Secret Weapon is a blast from my past. This original professional formula was used in my own detailing business in the late 1980s and 90’s. As time went on the formula got changed as new customers demanded a fancier looking and scented product while it lost its “Secret Weapon” effect for the uses I applied it to. I went direct to the original manufacture and was able to formulate the original professional formula exclusively for the Auto Fanatic.

    This is one of the most unique and versatile products you will ever use. You can apply it by DA or Rotary using a foam polishing pad. You can apply it by hand to remove minor imperfections in your cars finish and it is the ultimate final step for detailing any white or silver vehicle. This formula can eliminate claying your surface and offer the ultimate prep for paint correction. Bug splatter, tar, paint overspray are removed in seconds. Watch the full DEMO video to see all the ways I have applied this formula to maintain all of my cars for over 30 years.

    The trick to this product is that it contains a proprietary blend of sub-micron abrasives combined with premium German carnauba that will not strip your existing waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings. It is 100% safe to use on all painted finishes from single stage paints, soft and hard base-coat clear-coat finishes. The unique formula will not haze clear-coats and when paint correcting it offers outstanding working time with little to no dust. This is the ultimate swirl mark killer on dark finishes, especially black. It will not turn your rubber and plastic trim white and can be used in all temperatures and in direct sun.

    As a final step for all detailers to remove stubborn tar and debris from lower rocker panels, jambs and even wheels simply apply by hand and watch in awe how easy it is to finish off your detail. You will never use a solvent based liquid or citrus cleaner again which strips the finish and protective coating.

    • How To Apply

      Hand: Use a new clean soft microfiber wax pad and apply in a circular motion. Follow up with a soft clean microfiber and a mist of 007.


      Machine: Use a foam polishing pad of choice on any DA or Rotary.


      Tar Removal: Use a microfiber wax pad and go over all exterior surfaces

      Shake Well Before Use

    C$41.99 Regular Price
    C$35.69Sale Price
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