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Auto Fanatic 007 Gloss Enhancer 16oz With Sprayer
  • Auto Fanatic 007 Gloss Enhancer 16oz With Sprayer

    ***Auto Fanatic 007 Gloss Enhancer IS NOW IN-STOCK***


    The Auto Fanatic 007 Gloss Enhancer is the ultimate way to quickly detail your cars surface finish between washes or at shows. It quickly and safely removes dust, fingerprints, bird droppings while enhancing the shine and drying process. The synthetic polymer formula will take your wax, sealant and ceramic coating to a new level of shine. We didn’t just repackage an existing formula so we went directly to a leading manufacture and expressed our needs to formulate the ultimate product. Our 007 Gloss Enhancer contains no wax or fillers and can be applied in direct sunlight without leaving residue, hazing or streaking, especially on glass. It is 100% safe for all exterior surfaces including rubber, plastic, glass and wheels. The unique crosslink polymer base immediately bonds to your paint and glass to provide gloss, UV protection and hydrophobic properties. Works on matte, satin, vinyl wraps, single stage paint, basecoat clearcoat, chrome, glass and any solid surface you can throw at it


    Our 007 Gloss Enhancer is the most versatile product you’ll ever own. Can be used as the ultimate lubricant for clay bar and color sanding or as the ultimate drying aid and interior detailer all in one easy to use product. The formula’s goal was to be the most versatile single step spray product in your detailing arsenal. The 007 Gloss Enhancer brings out the shine on any solid surface finish and will be the only spray product you will need for all applications for auto detailing. The unique synthetic formula is anti-static and reduces the chance of airborne particles to be attracted to your cars finish keeping it looking cleaner longer in between washes.


    007 Gloss Enhancer increases the Hydrophobic properties of your cars finish that you will notice immediately in the rain as the water flies right off the surface. The extra level of protection will make your regular maintenance washes quicker, safer and easier. Spray it on your windshield and see how much better your clarity is next time it rains. Also reduces wiper chatter and noise on the front windshield which reducing friction of the blades therefor creating a much more effective wipe.


    • Directions

      How to Apply:

      Exterior: Use the high quality included sprayer and blast your exterior to any level of intensity you desire. Follow up with a soft clean microfiber cloth.


      Drying: after your final rinse spray each panel while the car is wet and follow up with your favorite drying towel. This will reduce any chance of dry induced scratching and make your car shine like nobody’s business.


      Interior: dilute in a smaller spray bottle 50:50 and apply to all interior plastics and trim for the ultimate quick interior detailer.


      Lubricant: Clay Bar & Color Sanding use full strength. Paint correction a single mist on your foam or microfiber correcting pads to reduce surface tension.

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