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Ceramic Pro interior protection packages to keep your vehicle's interior protected and easily cleaned and maintained. Ceramic ProLeather coating is applied to the leather surfaces of your vehicle creating a layer of protection between any food, drinks or dyes from jeans and your vehicles leather. By coating these surfaces you can have the peace of mind knowing your vehicle's white leather seats will be safe and protected from whatever is trying to stain them. One common question is, “Will it stop blue jean denim transfer?” the blue jean staining on light coloured leathers is a big problem, answer is no. But it takes much longer for the staining to become noticeable. Best part is, just grab a damp cloth with water and it will wipe off. Makes cleaning lighter coloured leather much easier.

Ceramic Pro Textile is a coating designed for all of the fabric materials in your vehicle's interior. It is designed to bond to all types of fabric (cloth seats, microsuede, alcantara, etc) to ensure that they are protected and easier to keep clean. Ceramic Pro Textile is a great way to keep your carpets, alcantara, floor mats, cloth seats and headliners clean and protected.

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